CrystalSound: Your Smart Noise Cancelling App and Screen Recorder

Experience crystal-clear audio, seamless screen recording, and data-driven insights for more productive meetings


Say Goodbye to Online Meeting Headaches

Distracting Background Noise

50% of Americans identify audio-related issues as one of the most significant pain points when it comes to online calls.

  • Bi-directional noise cancellation
  • My Voice Only - Background voice suppression
  • Microphone volume booster
  • Acoustic echo suppression

Our cutting-edge AI noise-cancellation technology helps you stay focused on what matters most.


Lost Productivity

67% of American employees admit to being distracted during online meetings, and executives consider more than 67% of virtual meetings to be unsuccessful.

  • Screen and bidirectional audio capture
  • Sharable cloud recordings with automatic titles
  • Smart minutes of recordings
  • Performance analysis & growth insights

Capture every word with our screen and bidirectional audio recording features. Get accurate meeting minutes, keywords, and insights to enhance focus, reduce miscommunication, and boost your performance.

Tool Overload

89% of organizations use multiple video conferencing tools, resulting in inefficient workflows and fragmented meeting experiences.

  • A unified recording hub
  • A single source for call intelligence

Our app integrates seamlessly with any conference app you already use. Simplify your workflow and amplify your meeting experience.


Hear from our satisfied customers who've transformed their virtual meetings and achieved more

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